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Another entry in our popular series "Kidsongs Guide to Children's Songs"! It was an instant hit when it came out way back in 1958, it’s played on oldies radio the world over, it sold three million copies and inspired a movie. But what is the story behind Sheb Wooley’s classic novelty song about a “Purple People Eater”? Here are a few fascinating facts about the one-eyed purple guy’s genesis...
What are the best Christmas songs for kids? This is a question being asked across the land this time of year. Since those of us at are supposed to know these things, we could offer our opinion but instead decided to ask the real experts: our customers! Here are their five favorite Christmas kid's songs, why they picked them and a bit of trivia, too. How do these match up to your favorites?
We received an urgent email yesterday with the above mentioned subject line. The family I'm talking about, the Anderson's, were joining a large group of cousins, aunts and uncles for a summer weekend get together and were panicked that their children wouldn’t be up to speed for the families’ tradition of evening sing alongs around the campfire. Fortunately, the Anderson family came to the right place. You can find helpful suggestions and free lyrics to hundreds of songs on our website. Continue reading for more of the story and for specific song recommendations!
What could be cuter and more entertaining than fuzzy, furry, big-eyed, roly-poly baby animals? Not a lot. Baby animals mesmerize kids and adults alike with their inquisitive and playful behavior eliciting choruses of "ahhhs" and "oooos". Most of us can't get enough of them...
Can summer road trips with kids be fun? Of course they can! No need to be worried about the little ones being bored and restless on long car rides. Just make music your new best friend! Pop in a kid-friendly CD and start the sing along fun and games. Here are some ideas for song based games you can play in the car...
So, the grand kids are coming for a visit and you haven't entertained toddlers since your own kids were little. Before panic sets in just remember that you really do have a lot to teach the little ones and that learning can be fun. Read on for ideas on how to pass the time in fun and interactive ways!