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Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. We loved the photos!! Here are the winners...
"Mom, I don't want a new school!" My sweet and shy 5-year-old son isn’t buying into all the “Back to School” excitement going on in the house. He looks at his new backpack with suspicion and frequently mentions he doesn’t want summer to end. I can tell this isn't going to be an easy transition...
Another chance to win! Read these fun questions about baby animals and see if you can guess the answers! Share them with your kids, they will get a kick out of them, too! Just for trying your name will be thrown into the hat to win a $50.00 gift certificate to!
Here's a quiz for you to test your Kidsongs knowledge! We aren't keeping score -- Just submit your answers and you'll have a chance to win five FREE video downloads!
Here's another fun Trivia Quiz for you to tackle. You don't have to get them right for a chance to win a $50.00 Kidsongs Gift Certificate! Give it a try!
Another entry in our popular series "Kidsongs Guide to Children's Songs"! It was an instant hit when it came out way back in 1958, it’s played on oldies radio the world over, it sold three million copies and inspired a movie. But what is the story behind Sheb Wooley’s classic novelty song about a “Purple People Eater”? Here are a few fascinating facts about the one-eyed purple guy’s genesis...
We thought you might like to have a Christmas themed trivia quiz in your back pocket in case the conversation lulls during the long drive to Grandma's house, around the dining table or during late night gift wrapping. So, print out our quiz and keep it handy for any holiday conversational emergency!
What are the best Christmas songs for kids? This is a question being asked across the land this time of year. Since those of us at are supposed to know these things, we could offer our opinion but instead decided to ask the real experts: our customers! Here are their five favorite Christmas kid's songs, why they picked them and a bit of trivia, too. How do these match up to your favorites?
We all know that kids love music! Like most parents, I was eager to expose my kids to music at an early age. It’s a good idea for more than just the joy they get out of it. As we’ve said before on the Fun With Kidsongs Blog, music enhances a child’s brain development and improves their success in school later in life. I sang to my kids when they were babies, played music at home and in the car and took them to toddler music classes. But once my older reached school age, I realized that it was time to take it up a notch.
We’ve all seen babies joyfully connecting with music -- bouncing, rocking, swaying along -- with big smiles on their faces. Whether the source is the car radio, live musicians playing, or mom and dad singing to them, the reaction is natural and instinctive: Babies like music and they respond to it. Read on for more information about kids, young and old, and their love of music and moving, including song suggestions. Here at Kidsongs we've had a lot of experience entertaining youngsters with clap-along and sing-along fun!
We received an urgent email yesterday with the above mentioned subject line. The family I'm talking about, the Anderson's, were joining a large group of cousins, aunts and uncles for a summer weekend get together and were panicked that their children wouldn’t be up to speed for the families’ tradition of evening sing alongs around the campfire. Fortunately, the Anderson family came to the right place. You can find helpful suggestions and free lyrics to hundreds of songs on our website. Continue reading for more of the story and for specific song recommendations!
Part II of fun things to do during during the lazy days of summer... Okay, it's hot outside, the kids are getting cranky and you don't want to spend a bunch of money to keep them entertained. What to do? Try some of these tried and true ideas! Read on for sprinkler fun, make-at-home treats, an impromptu summer dance party and more creative fun on a budget! Sure to bring smiles all around...
It’s summer and I have two kids out of school, my four and seven-year-olds, and limited “fun money” to spend. I made up this list for my husband and I, and I thought that you might find it useful, too. Read on to find answers to that summers-old question, "What can I do with the kids today?" This entry features fun and free (or almost free) outings. Come back soon to read the follow-up about low cost fun you can have at home!
What could be cuter and more entertaining than fuzzy, furry, big-eyed, roly-poly baby animals? Not a lot. Baby animals mesmerize kids and adults alike with their inquisitive and playful behavior eliciting choruses of "ahhhs" and "oooos". Most of us can't get enough of them...
It's been a while since we've talked about the stories behind our favorite nursery rhymes and based on the responses we've been getting, it's clear that our readers like this topic. So back to our sources we went, for more fascinating facts! First up, let's take a look at "Pop! Goes the Weasel". This song started out as a popular dance in England in the 1850's and words were added so after. The earliest verse went like this:...
When I think of the songs from my childhood, it's always easy to remember the simple, play along ones, sung to a happy tune. "If You're Happy and You Know It" is a perfect example. Like many familiar children's songs, it has been altered in various ways over the years...
One of the most popular songs from everyone's childhood and one of the most popular here at Kidsongs is The Alphabet Songs (also called "The ABC Song"). Learning our alphabet by singing the letters has an interesting history and goes back a lot farther than I would have guessed...
We’re watching our pennies these days, who isn’t? But we still want our kids to have a very special day and a whole lot of fun on their birthdays. Here’s how to do both! Read on about venue choices, budget conscious party-planning, entertainment and more!
Ever feel torn between your "to-do" list and having fun with your child? Just combine the two and have a guilt-free day! Toddlers love to help and they love being by their parent's side, so look over that to-do list for the things that you and your child can do together!
...In our opinion, of course. Here at, we have spent decades listening to over a thousand children's songs before deciding to go into the studio to record and produce videos of them. We have to REALLY like them to add them to our catalog. Here are the our opinion, of course!