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The 50 Best Summer Songs [Album Download]

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Recommended Age Group: 1-10

Join the Kidsongs Kids at the beach for fun in the sun.  Sing, dance and enjoy these rock & roll classics and island tunes.  They'll make you wanna grab your boogie board and go!

  • Dance,
  • Play,
  • Sing Along,
  • Summer
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Price: $9.99
Also Available:
Yankee Doodle Boy [Song MP3]
Simon Says [Song MP3]
Come on and Conga [Song MP3]
Barefootin' [Song MP3]
Car Car Song (Riding In My Car) [Song MP3]
I Got Wheels [Song MP3]
Row, Row, Row Your Boat [Song MP3]
The Caissons Go Rolling Along [Song MP3]
Bicycle Built for Two [Song MP3]
Catch a Wave [Song MP3]
Take Me Out to the Ball Game [Song MP3]
Sea Cruise [Song MP3]
Drivin' My Life Away [Song MP3]
It's Not If You Win or Lose [Song MP3]
I Get Around [Song MP3]
Centerfield [Song MP3]
Kumbaya [Song MP3]
Day-O (Banana Boat Song) [Song MP3]
Polly Wolly Doodle [Song MP3]
If You're Happy and You Know It [Song MP3]
The More We Get Together [Song MP3]
Fishin' Blues [Song MP3]
On Top of Spaghetti [Song MP3]
Ninety-Nine Bottles of Pop [Song MP3]
Found a Peanut [Song MP3]
The Ants go Marching [Song MP3]
Boom Boom, Ain't it Great to be Crazy? [Song MP3]
The Hokey Pokey [Song MP3]
When The Saints Go Marching In [Song MP3]
Let's Twist Again [Song MP3]
Fast Food [Song MP3]
Here We Go Loopty Loo [MP3]
Splish Splash [Song MP3]
We're Gonna Get Wet [Song MP3]
The Name Game [Song MP3]
Down By the Bay [Song MP3]
Five Little Ducks [Song MP3]
Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes [Song MP3]
Over In The Meadow [Song MP3]
Come On and Join in the Game [Song MP3]
The Green Grass Grows All Around [Song MP3]
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